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Journey of a Thousand Meditations

The Life, Work and Ideas of Edmond Szekely

"Modern man has built for himself a life so complex that his health and nervous system is disintegrating under its weight. The guiding principles found in the great open book of nature and the masterpieces of universal culture hold the solution to our problems.”  Edmond Szekely


Edmond Szekely -- author, philosopher, student of ancient wisdom, health guru and visionary -- was one of the founders and pioneers of the current mind-body-spirit health movement.  Rancho La Puerta, which today is one of the most famous destination spas in the world, was originally a summer camp, started by Szekely and his wife in 1940.

Szekely was a true holistic thinker, gleaning wisdom from all religions, philosophies and cultures. Most of all he was interested in gathering knowledge which would lead to better health for ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Journey of a Thousand Meditations invokes the spirit of this charismatic man who was way ahead of his time. Distilling the essence of Szekely's ideas, writings and visions, the film is a meditation, a poetic journey through Szekely's life and philosophy, revealing the eternal healing powers of Culture and Nature.

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