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Juliette of the Herbs Screening at Brooklyn's Park Slope Food Coop

Juliette of the Herbs had a very successful screening at the Brooklyn Park Slope Food Coop last week, October 12th, 2017. There was an unexpectedly large, enthusiastic, engaged and lively audience. Amazing to see that even 20 years after making the film, Juliette’s spirit continues to inspire. Thank you to the wonderful coop members and especially to Innes, Kurt and the Plow to Plate people who organise the monthly film series. Thanks also to Sarah Plant, the composer of Juliette of the Herbs' beautiful music, for joining me at the event. We both really enjoyed the event and meeting everyone who was there.

If you live in Brooklyn, I recommend seeing some of the films at the Coop's Plow to Plate series, especially next months showing on November 14th. It's a film about the Azores where Juliette goes to plant her 11th garden. At the end of Juliette of the Herbs we see Juliette swimming in a volcanic pool on the island of Faial, in the Azores. The films are open to the public as well as to Coop members.

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